They are like beings with whom I share a passionate affair. When I’m  trying to my emotions and subdue passion in favour of logic  and wisdom  then  my truly feminine face is being revealed. Feelings over all! And so, as with a fiery lover, which it isn't possible to leave, I cannot abandon neither the music, nor travelling trying to live in two worlds simultaneously.

I have a new love for several years, the children. If I could exist in three real worlds having 3 times' 24 hours at my disposal, I would live like in the real Eden

I discovered the music being a child, traveling by the adolescent girl, children being an adult woman. And so what else will I still discover?

I visited almost 70 countries on almost all continents. I crossed the equator by sea (including the equator crossing ceremony (line-crossing ceremony)!), air and land. The highest point on the earth, where I set foot, it is 5600 m above sea level, 30m underwater. The longest time on the road is 56 hours spent on the bus. The first lonely travel - Thailand. ….. as a matter of fact that's all it isn't so important, the main thing is, that I can because I still want to!