Crazy People

Album CRAZY PEOPLE ENGLISH VERSION. A word, or rather the text written for a musical piece, can change it so much that it becomes a new work. In Crazy People English Version, songs that were originally recorded in Polish, sung here in English, are actually new songs. Such an operation carried out on jazz works is not only surprising but also revealing. It's common knowledge that a song in swing style sounds very homogeneous when sung in English.

And how sounded the swing sung by Joanna in Polish? The specific experiment conducted by Joanna Morea provokes this to reach the English version of her first CD CRAZY PEOPLE and personally assess how far Polish-language versions differ from English.


The Crazy People album is a puzzle, a mosaic of music, a collection of experiences and music sympathy. The fascination of traditional jazz and swing (Crazy People, Two Timin 'Man, Was I drunk) is entwined with the breath of the blues and Latin accents (the original compositions like Ten Bitter Tears, Casanova Woman, Not Now).

Today I'm fascinated by the swing tomorrow maybe I'm into another style. Such recording of material in a studio is like taking a photograph of a world which freezes for centuries. It's catching the musical moment and leaving it to the children, for example, my children. That was the purpose, because everything is variable, and in the present times the transformation is at an alarming rate.